A note on recruitment:

Due to a number of recent time-wasters, we have decided to switch our recruitment methods away from the anonymous ’email method’ to a forum based posting system (along with a few new changes in recruitment protocol)

This is, again, a method of providing accountability for yourselves as players and us as a guild. So, to save time for both ourselves and you, can I suggest you only apply if you can agree to the following:

  • We will not boost you: Don’t think of applying if you’re looking for a free boost, it’s not going to happen.
  • We will not consider any class that you have not directly applied on: Please apply only on the class you are looking to raid with.
  • We will not accept anybody under level 100 (Feel free to blame the number of recent people who begged for a chance then spat in my face)
  • We will not accept anybody for Legion. Either be raid ready now, or do not apply. (This may change dependent upon raiding experience)
  • We will not accept people with terrible gear. You can easily get full 710 gear these days, that is the absolute MINIMUM of what we will accept.
  • *NEW ADDENDUM*: We will likely not accept any melee applicants. Consider your options should you want to actually raid this expansion.

It’s sad that it has to be this strict, but my patience has been tested by new ‘recruits’ recently, unfortunately, they’ve spoiled it for everybody.


A note on melee.

With Legion rounding the corner, I thought I’d quickly echo on here, what I’ve just posted in our Discord. Mainly, for any potential new applicants, but for my own guys / girls, who may be considering going melee, too.

“This is why you guys need to seriously consider whether melee is what you want to be, because competition for your place will be ridiculous. Look at this ratio (It’s small scale but matches what we’ve experienced so far)


I will quote myself from the website regarding this topic:

Nobody in the DPS team should feel safe, at all. Not a single one of us (yes, myself included). If somebody can consistently do better than you, is more inclusive of the community than you and more reliable than you, what do you (or I) have to offer?

I did maths yesterday, you’re looking at around a 0.6% chance that you will retain your spot in the guild as a melee, from Legion start to Legion end. UNLESS you are exceptionally skilled at it. (You have 3 times the amount of competition for a melee spot, as a ranged, at a base level)

For your own sake – rethink your classes before Legion, thank you!(edited)
For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “You’ve had some time to figure it out, what will you main for LEGION?”.”

The Knighting of Sir Alan

We have decided to promote Alan due to his recent efforts and also because he has been with PR for 6 years now and we feel that it is the right time for him to be given this role.

As an officer, Alan acts as the first step in the guild hierachy, this means that any questions/concerns can be brought to him before they are presented to myself or Mark. Myself and Mark will also liaise with him (as we have been doing) on certain matters where we may require additional input.

All considered, we believe this is the right step for the guild moving forwards into legion and beyond, as we continue to grow larger and become more established.



PR UI’s – Volume #1

Especially for you guys, I have asked some of our players to show you a couple of their well designed and clutter free, UI’s. Perhaps as a mean to better your own gameplay.

Firstly we have RogueDPS:

You can see firstly that unfortunately, he has had a terrible pull. This is down to Rogue RNG. Secondly, you can see, although he has his graphics settings low, he clearly has his most important skills and trinkets available for usage, bound to easily reachable keys. This is an example of an exceptional UI.

Secondly, we have ‘Getpoppdnoobs’ UI:


You can see here, that unlike RogueDPS, Getpoppdnoob uses a weakaura tracker (the Iron Bru bottle). This is specifically to tell him if he has anything other than the boss targetted, so he can get right back on track and tunnel, asap.

You will notice that he has 1 through 10 bound. He has a special Scottish keyboard that has the number 10 available (specifically supplied by the SNP) This is to ensure that Scots feel superior to the English at all times (Our keyboards only go up to 9). You will see that he tracks add damage as a means of knowing whether or not he is accidentally cleaving any adds – this is absolutely vital to his gameplay and ensures that he is able to tunnel on the boss at all times.

He also has a weakaura that tracks whether he is close to being ‘William Wallaced’ IRL. This is vitally important, as he will receive a 0 for attendance, if he is.


Thanks for reading. I’ll bring more UI’s at a later date!


PR PR’s. Month #2.

The ‘PR PR’s’ have been completed for this month.

The following players have been given merits. Congratulations:

The award for ‘Attitude’ defined as: Willingness to improve and receptive to criticism / suggestions goes to – RogueDPS

The award for ‘Community effort’ defined as: Fun to have around / Part of the community / Present on Discord goes to – Getpoppdnoob

The award for ‘Performance’ defined as: Mechanical skill / DPS / Target priority goes to – RogueDPS

The award for ‘Reliability’ defined as: In line with attendance sheet, but extra points awarded for optional raids, points removed for timing of absences (aka farm/progress, did it cause us to cancel a raid) (If they attend 100% of scheduled raids then start with a 10 and deduct accordingly) goes to – Tranq. This was given because he would riot if we did not raid and I like my guild.

This guild is a meritocracy. Should you want to ‘win’ an award, then put forward the effort.

As usual, your performance review is available upon request to either myself, or Shonin. Thank you!

For transparency – the following people have been excluded this month: