Current raid ilvl and trait requirement.

This is a public service announcement to those in the guild and those who may be looking to join the guild.

The current requirements are as follow:

Item Level: 845 – Enchanted where appropriate, socketed where appropriate.

Traits: 21 in your main spec – Hybrid exemptions apply.

I feel these requirements are insanely low, but I am happy for a first tier, to go with that.

(Note for applications: Please do not waste your time applying if you’re a melee without extensive raiding experience – our melee DPS team is very competitive and I have no interest in replacing them with somebody who has barely raided)

7/7 N – 2/7 HC (First night)

As above. This puts us currently at #11 server (#5xx world). Not amazing but we’ll keep working at it.

Thank you to everybody in the raid team who put forth the extra hours and effort, to get us these kills. They can’t be done without you as a whole.


Edit: We’re now 6/7 HC. #10 on the server. Not bad for a guild coming from nowhere, right?

Behaviour in WoW: A Rant.

It never ceases to amaze me just how socially retarded some (if not most) WoW players are. I mean, I’ve been through everything as a GM over the years

  • People who join the guild, promising the world and leaving 2 days later in the middle of the night.
  • People who beg for a chance to ‘prove me wrong’ regarding how good they are, yet leave 24 hours later (without ever logging on – yes, I’m talking to you, Norwegian Paladin).
  • People who server transfer without saying a single word: This even goes for those I have known for years (a certain priest rhyming with Imnoti is the most recent)
  • People abusing my good will, seriously, is it so hard to be a decent human?
  • The tilting: Holy fuck, the tilting. It’s like y’all WoW players lack perspective or something.

What is the point of this rant, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

One of the raiders who I am fond of, has today told me that ‘this is the last tier they will be with me’ because they want to try and work on themselves, for a while. Yes, you read that right – they have given me one entire fucking tier of notice, compared to those people above. They even apologised for being ‘anti-social’ when it comes to our Discord community.

This is part of our conversation. The rest was just as positive but more personal.

Dealing with somebody like this, makes the countless hours of bullshit I have to put up with from people like those listed above, worth it.

If I can affect one persons life enough to make them smile, I’ve done something right, right? No matter how much doing this, may sometimes take a toll on my own happiness – I think in the long run, it’s worth it.

Get a belief in Karma, guys. It might just make you all better people. Failing that, remember that your actions affect other people. We’re not robots behind this computer screen, we’re people, with feelings.

The decision to drop Split Raiding. What does it mean for the Guild?

As you’re probably aware, as my vision for the Guild evolved, we have seen numerous iterations of what I believe the guild needs to be, what it needs to achieve and what needs to be done to achieve that.

Back when I first started the game after a break in December, I could never have envisioned that PR would be what it is today. What is it? Well, nothing, really. We were world 2xxx with Archimonde Mythic (pre-patch kill), so obviously not impressive, right? I’ve always felt it was more than that, though. I saw that tier as a means of laying a foundation – preparing for something larger.

So I waited and I worked, slowly but diligently building the team, having to chop people where appropriate, believing in people where not. Slowly but surely working towards something I envisioned so passionately in my head. I had big visions: World 100, top x server, well known and recognised! I projected my own desires onto the guild, in a way that, I eventually decided was going to become damaging. So, for now, I’m officially (although this has been unofficial for a while) relaxing my desires for this tier.

Do I still maintain those desires? Abso-fucking-lutely. I do not think that the guild right now, is ready to pursue them though. I am taking players who for the most part, have not even been Mythic raiders until this point and I am asking them to do things that are unfamiliar to them. Could I force it? Would it achieve results? Yeah, it would – but at what cost?

So I’ve stepped back. My aim right now, is to ensure the guild has a trajectory that continues to go upwards. As long as we improve on our 2xxx ranking in Tier 18, what do we have to lose, right? If we do that over enough tiers, we’ll eventually be where I want to be. Sure, right now, split-raiding isn’t necessary, but one tier it will be and just like a frog in a pot of warm water (you all know the anecdote, right? – if not, tl;dr:- The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is put in cold water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.) the guild will slowly, but surely, mold itself into the vision I have.

We can still gain the recognition as we go, though. The guild is developing a name, a name I want you all to feel proud of. A name you can feel patriotic about. We have the most unique guild name in the world, with arguably some of the most unique people I have ever met. You’re all a part of something potentially bigger than the sum of its parts.

This is a guild that says “fuck you” to the current societal trend of blaming others. This is a guild that says “I will accept my failures and fix them”, “I am responsible for my own actions”, “I do NOT accept the safe space ideology currently so prevalent in society” and “I love swear words, swear at me more, daddy”.

This isn’t just a guild, it’s a choice. A choice you and future PR players, will make. This guild is a labour of love to me and people who are viewing from the outside, will not understand the sheer patriotism that this guild brings out in the people inside of it. It’s almost cult-like and you know what? I’m fine with that.

Update.. Sort of.

I haven’t really posted here in a while, I mean frankly, what do I say? We’re not raiding because the expansion is out and raids are down.

You all know my plans.

I haven’t needed to rant about bad players.

Legion is quite possibly the best expansion I’ve played, so I can’t even rant about Blizzards ineptitude.

I’m maining an Ele Shaman. I could rant about that? No, no point, the fucking community has that already solidly ranted about.

What I will say, though, is, support your local hunter by viewing his thread in the class forum. Show him his effort is worth it:

A note on melee.

With Legion rounding the corner, I thought I’d quickly echo on here, what I’ve just posted in our Discord. Mainly, for any potential new applicants, but for my own guys / girls, who may be considering going melee, too.

“This is why you guys need to seriously consider whether melee is what you want to be, because competition for your place will be ridiculous. Look at this ratio (It’s small scale but matches what we’ve experienced so far)

I will quote myself from the website regarding this topic:

Nobody in the DPS team should feel safe, at all. Not a single one of us (yes, myself included). If somebody can consistently do better than you, is more inclusive of the community than you and more reliable than you, what do you (or I) have to offer?

I did maths yesterday, you’re looking at around a 0.6% chance that you will retain your spot in the guild as a melee, from Legion start to Legion end. UNLESS you are exceptionally skilled at it. (You have 3 times the amount of competition for a melee spot, as a ranged, at a base level)

For your own sake – rethink your classes before Legion, thank you!(edited)
For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “You’ve had some time to figure it out, what will you main for LEGION?”.”

A note on recruitment:

Due to a number of recent time-wasters, we have decided to switch our recruitment methods away from the anonymous ’email method’ to a forum based posting system (along with a few new changes in recruitment protocol)

This is, again, a method of providing accountability for yourselves as players and us as a guild. So, to save time for both ourselves and you, can I suggest you only apply if you can agree to the following:

  • We will not boost you: Don’t think of applying if you’re looking for a free boost, it’s not going to happen.
  • We will not consider any class that you have not directly applied on: Please apply only on the class you are looking to raid with.
  • We will not accept anybody under level 100 (Feel free to blame the number of recent people who begged for a chance then spat in my face)
  • We will not accept anybody for Legion. Either be raid ready now, or do not apply. (This may change dependent upon raiding experience)
  • We will not accept people with terrible gear. You can easily get full 710 gear these days, that is the absolute MINIMUM of what we will accept.
  • *NEW ADDENDUM*: We will likely not accept any melee applicants. Consider your options should you want to actually raid this expansion.

It’s sad that it has to be this strict, but my patience has been tested by new ‘recruits’ recently, unfortunately, they’ve spoiled it for everybody.



Edit: This is outdated now. I’ll keep it here for posterity sake but will be unstickying it. Thank you.